Optical Illusions

How often in life does one come along situations where what is shown to them is actually a deception of what actually exists? It may occur as a part and parcel of relationships, but not concepts, for sure.

However, there are the optical illusions that have the role of producing an illusion. Like they say, what one sees is not. According to the dictionary an optical illusion is defined as a visually perceived image that is in actuality deceptive and misleading at times.

The visual illusions are created with a certain purpose in mind. While most people find it intriguing, a number of counselors and other experts in the field of studying the human mind use these as tools when dealing with clients.

Most optical illusions work on the basis of creating misperception of size. There is also the very scary optical illusion that is created for special effects in movies and otherwise; such as horror corners at amusement parks.

Most people are stunned by such illusions that can be rather stunning and work as a show stopper. An interesting gift to someone could be optical illusion pictures that can be placed in room. Sometimes staring at such pictures can relieve a lot stress.

Kids enjoy the fun optical illusion and more so the 3d optical illusion that is especially created in 3d movies and animated cartoon shows. In fact, some of the best horror movies use this to create an impact.

Cool optical illusions can also be printed on t shirts, mugs, wall hangings and other gift articles.

Interestingly there is a variety of optical illusions, some of which are listed here:

  • Ambiguous illusions
  • Distorting illusions
  • Bezold Effect
  • Hering grid
  • Impossible cube
  • Impossible trident illusion
  • Cafe wall illusion
  • Flash lag illusion
  • Fraser spiral illusion
  • Grid illusion
  • Hollow-Face illusion
  • Lilac chaser
  • Missing square puzzle
  • Moon illusion
  • Peripheral drift illusion
  • Same color
  • Simultaneous brightness contrast
  • Size-weight illusion